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Galung Wiratmaja

I Made Galung Wiratmaja, he was born in Sukawati on May 31th, 1972. He finished his bachelor of art in PSSRD Udayana University. He started exhibiting since 1993 and has a lot of exhibition experience in the country and overseas. Several times holding solo exhibitions and his works have been collected by many collectors. His works are inspired by Balinese customs and culture which are rich in diversity, dedicating his life to art because art is part of his breath.

The latest exhibition experience:

Bali Mega Rupa, Bentara Budaya Bali.
Bingkai NKRI, ART:1 Jakarta.
Bali Art Exhebition, Blanco Art Museum, Bali.

GK Art, MF Gallery Ubud Bali.
Amazing Things, LV8 Hotel. Kuta Bali.
GK Art, Alilla Hotel, Ubud Bali.

The Challange Of Contemporaneyti, Arma museum, Bali.
SPIRIT OF NATURE, BREEZE Art Space, BSD City Tangerang.

ART BYGalung Wiratmaja

1.900 GREEN PRAYER 2018 85 x 170 scaled
$ 2,300.00
2.250 ABOUT THE COLOR IN SIGHT 2018 150 x 130
$ 3,150.00
2.350 THE BARONG 2017 120 x 150
$ 2,900.00
3.950 ON THE BORDER 2018 150 x 200
$ 4,800.00


Aagus Murdika

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Kenak Dwi Adnyana

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Galung Wiratmaja

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Adi Wirawan

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