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About Us

Welcome to Sanka Gallery…..

Art Love And Life

We love art, really love it. Art has become a part of our lives. Our luck is living on a small island full of Art, Custom, Traditions and Culture. Bali is a small island that is famous for its natural beauty like a paradise that really inspires many people. On this island were born many talented artists who truly dedicated their lives to the arts. Artists who are educated in art and full of achievements to bring Balinese art to the world

We are here to present the artwork in the midst of you. Fine art that is ready to be enjoyed in your comfortable room. A beautiful life is incomplete without art present in the midst of you. Art as a refresher to make you imagine and relax. Certainly the art that we present from the best artists and achievers. The artists who devoted their lives to the advancement of art in Bali to the international world.

From this beautiful island we are here to complement the beauty of the world through your room


Our ArtisSanka Gallery

dangap scaled

Agus Murdika

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Adi Wirawan

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Kenak Dwiadnyana

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Galung Wiratmaja

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