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Our Artis

Meet Out Family of talented artists


Bali is a small island full of beauty like heaven. The island is thick with culture, tradition, art and customs.
The Balinese are artistic people, seen from the many relics of works of art that are full of high
philosophy. And the creativity of the Balinese gives birth to talented young artists who are highly
educated in the arts. Artists who are active in the world of art and have a myriad of artistic

Bali’s natural wealth gives a lot of inspiration to artists to create the best works and present it to the
world. Spectacular brush strokes are ready to decorate the walls of your residence
So with that, we introduce you with our talented and full of achievements artist

Agus Murdika

“Art is Love, Love of beauty is Taste, the Creation of beauty is Art, and Art is a part of Life”

Kenak Dwi Adnyana

”Mountain are the most iconic part of nature, although a little light appeared in the darkness, still visible shadow of its majesty.  Like that also the meaning that I poured in paintings”

Galung Wiratmaja

“For me art always gives space for imagination, opens up space for interpretation, and always keeps a mystery”

Adi Wirawan

“Nature as a source of inspiration for me in implementing a painting, As in the concept of “Panca Maha Buta”, which is fire, water, air, gas, and soil”

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